Dermographism is in basic terms...... It is a medical condition that is best described as "skin writing".

Most people have a reaction to their skin being rubbed, often resulting in their skin will turning red. Dermographism is when that red marking also results in a hives type of reaction. The red in combination with the raised hives, make it look like you have been writing on your skin.

The trouble with this condition is that their are many negative social implications. Often people have to watch what they do day by day to avoid situations that result in a dermographism outbreak.

The redness and swelling usually last for at least 15 minutes or more, and are accompanied by a sensation of burning, and or itchiness. These condition related effects often lead to difficulty sleeping, irritability, and general discomfort.


The typical treatment of a dermographism patient is to first see their family doctor, then they are referred to a dermatologist.

There are some known conditions that can cause dermographism such as thyroid problems as well as allergies, other skin conditions. The dermatologist usually will investigate these possibilities before any further diagnosis is done.

After those tests have been ruled out, the dermatologist will try a treatment usually consisting of antihistamines to try to reduce discomfort in hopes of the condition passing with time.

Fortunately for some the condition does pass with time. Often doctors never figure out what the trigger is for this condition. In chronic cases, various diets, lifestyle changes, and experimentation with antihistamines is usually suggested/prescribed

For the chronic cases, 95% of cases are never solved. Sometimes the conditions goes away, sometimes it stays forever.

Dermatologists have a great deal of difficulty finding the cause and knowing the proper treatment of this condition. Prescribing Anti-histamines often are the only form of treatment available to them.

Treatment Options?

What is Dermographism?